So who am I ?

You might say I’m your neighbor. I’ve lived and worked in the Bangor area for most of my life, except for school and 12 years of employment out of state, this has been my home.  I’ve operated my own business for the past 27 years, right here in the Bangor area and now I’d like to slow down a bit.  I’m experienced in construction and have studied heat loss and energy consumption for many years, so I’m taking my experience and what I’ve learned and will use the remainder of my working years helping people save energy, save money, and live more comfortably.

Since helping you will require that I visit you in your home you need to know that I’m just a regular person.  I’ve owned dogs and cats and my wife and I have raised three great kids, so don’t think you have turn the house upside down just to have me over.  What is important is to get you started on weatherizing your home.

Call or e-mail to set up your appointment, now. (before the snow)

Everett (Bud) Poll

"My" Energy Workshop